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There are so many different applications with todays computers. I can be a real trial to keep up with everything. Let us take the hassle out of it all

Want your own "Myspace" or "Face book" page ?

Want to use MSN but havent got a clue where to start ?

Email driving you crazy ?

Cant seem to find what you are looking for on the Internet ?

Want an Ebay account, is'nt everyone doing it ?

What's this excel thingy ?

My kids have come home from School telling you they need to logon to somebody or something?

Or perhaps you would like edit your pictures and not sure what happens ?

Endless questions and even more answers !

We can help you through the minefield, show you the best ways to get the things you want done, in a way you can understand !

Our tuition is at your pace, and is as detailed as you want it to be

Our Engineers have endless patience and understanding and make the impossible seem possible, no matter your age or background, everyone needs a hand up sometimes.

I.T. Repair and Support for home and business